1963-1967 Undergraduate apprentice in J. David Robertson's Electron Microscopy Lab, Harvard Medical School and the McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA
1969-1974 USPHS Fellow and Moseley Travelling Fellow of Harvard University, as Postdoctoral trainee in the Biophysics Unit of University College, London, under Sir Bernard Katz and Ricardo Miledi
1970-1972 USPHS Military service in Laboratory of Neuropathology and Neuroanatomical Sciences, NINCDS, Bethesda, MD with Dr. Thomas S. Reese
1974-1980 Assistant, Associate, and then Full Professor of Physiology, Department of Physiology, University of California, San Francisco, CA
1980- Professor of Biophysics, Department of Cell Biology and Physiology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO 63110