New image gallery software (by jscott on 4-8-2009): Our image gallery is now using new software. We've simplified viewing the full-size versions of images -- just click on the 'full size' icon centered above or below the thumbnail to pop the full-size image open in a separate window.

Heuserlab "Slammer" Now Available For Purchase (by jscott on 4-14-2008): Dear Colleagues:

Just about seven years ago, I sent many of you an announcement that we were again ready to supply freezing machines to people who needed them. It's taken a bit longer than expected to make this a reality, but we are now regularly manufacturing our so-called "Cryopress," and we have the next production-run of 5 machines ready to ship.

Interested? More information is available.

(See a photo).

Dr. Heuser named PI at iCeMS (by jscott on 11-5-2007): Dr. Heuser is now a principal investigator (as an international affiliate) at the iCeMS - Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences in Kyoto, Japan.

Dr. Heuser Elected To AAAS (the other one) (by jscott on 10-29-2007): Dr. Heuser has been elected a 2007 Fellow of the American Society for the Advancement of Science, Section on Neuroscience, for his contributions to the fields of deep-etch and freeze-fracture electron microscopy. (School of Medicine news release and AAAS - 2007 Fellows)

DEEM Facility User Info available (by jscott on 11-14-2006): This laboratory now offers deep-etch electron microscopy services to the University community. We now have a "Lab Services" category which currently has facility information for potential users.

Dr. Heuser Elected To AAAS (by jscott on 4-28-2005): Dr. Heuser has been elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences! (Added 11 May 2005: There's now a story in the Washington University Record as well.)