Now that your anaglyph is done, you should save it. Always keep a Photoshop-format file so that you can always revert back to it for any adjustments you'd like to make later. But Photoshop-format files cannot be viewed in Web browsers and are massive files, due to the large amount of information they need to store.

Keep the image at a high level of quality so that the color balance needed for the 3D illusion is not destroyed. In general, do not save below 50% quality (JPEG quality setting 6 in Photoshop).

To prepare an image for saving this way:

  1. Select Flatten from the Layers palette context menu. The layers are merged into one single layer, and extraneous channels are removed. (Check the Channels palette to make sure you only have RGB, Red, Blue, and Green listed. Delete any extras.)
  2. If you are saving as a JPEG, the image can be left in RGB color. If you are saving as a GIF select Indexed Color from the Mode submenu of the Image menu. Convert the image to Indexed Color and use an Adaptive palette.
  3. Open the Save dialog box and choose the proper file type (they are mutually exclusive, so at this point only one or the other can be selected.)
  4. Give the file a name and save it. It's now ready for Web posting.

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