Instructions for shipping membrane fractions
Our standard protocol is to adsorb membrane fractions onto tiny 2mm x 2mm polylysine-coated glass coverslips, typically by putting 50ul of a slightly turbid (just barely perceptibly turbid) solution onto the glass and leaving it there for 1-3 min, then rinsing the glass in the exact same solution that the membranes were suspended in, plus 2% glutaraldehyde to fix them in place on the polylysine.

Next, we wash the coverslips extensively in distilled water to remove all the glutaraldehyde, (plus all the salts, sugars, etc) before quick-freezing them by impact against a pure copper block at 4 degrees Kelvin. (The reason for the water-wash, which is the most problematic step in the whole procedure, is that ANY residual salt or sugar at all leaves an unacceptable "scum" on the membranes after freeze drying.) Then we freeze-dry the coverslips at minus 80 degrees Celsius for 15 min, "replicate" them with a thin coating of 2nm of platinum, and view them in the electron microscope.

Unfortunately, we can never tell people the first time how much material to send us.  We need a total of at least 100ul for each variable we want to try out, but how readily they will adsorb to the glass is an unknown.  The best place to start is usually for you to send us about  HALF of one of your usual preps, and you to keep the other half for your own biochemical analysis.

Please send them to our shipping address, shown below.  And as described above for sending proteins, put your samples in Eppendorf tubes in a Styrofoam box with crushed ice ONLY (no "picnic ice" or ethylene glycol packs, which tend to freeze samples).  And don't forget to send them