Spinoculation protocol
I've prepared flat "fillers" for 1.5ml Eppendorf tubes by filling them halfway with Epoxy resin and polymerizing it at 60 deg, then "popping" the resin polymers out of their original 'moulds' and filing them flat (since the Epoxy polymerizes with quite a meniscus-shape). These I simply re-insert in a new Eppendorf tube every time I want to use one. Two or three of our tiny coverslips can be arranged comfortably in one such "flatbottomed" Eppendorf tube.

Then I have made special inserts for the swinging buckets in a standard clinical centrifuge whose buckets normally hold 15ml conical tubes, so that I can hold the 1.5ml Eppendorf tubes. I spin 'em at top speed (3000RPM) for 5 min to get viruses down onto the coverslips. (Interesting, tap 2 or 1000 RPM brings down cells normally during reculturing, yet the cells seem unscathed by the 3X added G's needed to get viruses down onto them).

The viruses have been freshly trypsinized, quenched with 10% serum, spun down at 14K for 15 min, and resuspended in Ringers' by a good 30 sec of sonication, just before the spinoculation.

The spinning is done at room temp, then the coverslips are removed from the Eppendorf tubes and placed in warm Ringers for 5 min before EM-prepping.